Making the Music Bloom !!!

For many 1000's of years,

before any book was ever written,

the world's oldest story has captivated people of all ages,

from the wise to the simple,

the story of RAMA has something for everyone.


Catch a glimpse of how it was in the ancient days,

when a book was completely virtual,

expressed in word and song,

by one who had fully absorbed it,

a book was a story of eternal truth,

that weaved it plot lines in daily life,..

around those who were pure in heart,

steeped in Divine consciousness,

...and brave enough to step into the play,

building perennial narratives that would become hardwired into the software of the indigenous  culture,

to guide society forward,

and encourage the blossoming of individual greatness,

as we witness echoes of the past in everyday life,

and hints of a probable future in each passing moment,


Listen as two Sadhus from Ayodhya,

the birthplace of this "RAMA" narrative,

speak and sing in their language,

of the glories of their Lord Rama.







The Sadhus will be arriving in Trinidad June 14th, and staying for about one month.